0 The craft village in Beja – ONAT

The craft village in Beja

Established in 2009 to preserve the craft heritage of the region.
Several spaces are reserved for artisans, including university graduates, distinguished by the high quality of their products and their contribution to the rehabilitation of certain declining craft professions.

To reconcile the supply of artisans and better organize the distribution, a space is assigned for the supply and distribution group.

Another space is intended for technical supervision and quality control, with the aim of informing artisans and to ensure the quality control of carpets and Mergoum.

In a first step, specialized artisans including embroidery, weaving, tapestry, Mergoum, painting on silk and glass and ironwork are installed in the village.

They receive financial incentives under the Promotion of projects creation in the field of handicrafts and technical supervision from Skills management under the National Handicrafts Office.

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