The craft village in Nabeul

Opened in August 1990, the Centre traditions and crafts of Nabeul has 22 artisans in various specialties such as ceramics, hammered copper, wrought iron, rattan, streetlights, stone carving, the neroli distillery, decoration, glass painting, engraving on copper … This village has been enriched with a craft gallery in November 1998.

Craft Village in Denden

The craft village Of Den den Open to Public In 2004, the pilot village is composed of fifty-three space, forty-three of which are used in the production and trade of handicrafts. It is located at the heart of the space that houses the headquarters of the NHO and the design sciences and technologies school. This […]

Craft village in Kef

The craft village of Kef Established in 2006, the realization of this village solves for the artisans, the problem of lack of space. The village became a tourist area. It makes know the heritage of the region in the field of crafts and ensures the continuity of certain endangered activities. It contributes to the promotion […]


The craft space Barrouta in Kairouan Covering an area of 670 m2, the artisan’s village Barrouta is situated inside the medina

The craft village in Beja

Established in 2009 to preserve the craft heritage of the region. Several spaces are reserved for artisans, including university graduates, distinguished by the high quality of their products and their contribution to the rehabilitation of certain declining craft professions. To reconcile the supply of artisans and better organize the distribution, a space is assigned for […]