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The National Recovery Plan Of Craft Sector  (PNDA)

In order to concretize The National Recovery Plan Of Craft Sector  (PNDA), a list of 25 projects worth 50 million dinars has been broken down into five main axes :

1- To develop the institutional framework of the structures involved in the sector by establishing, in particular, a social insurance system for the sector and professionals and by reviewing the legal and regulatory texts of the sector (law on craftsmen and activities, precious metals law. ..).

2- Promoting quality and developing craft skills through the implementation of 10 specifications and a quality label for 50 products as well as the establishment of a quality management system in craft institutions.

3- Develop investment and modernize craft enterprises through the rehabilitation of 200 institutions to improve their competitiveness and the establishment of mechanisms for monitoring innovative entrepreneurs and support and technical supervision of 200 innovative artisans (including 100 new).

4- Marketing and promotion and includes actions such as the creation of a structure in a public-private partnership framework to provide craftsmen and craft institutions and market their products and the establishment of a financing line for the acquisition of traditional Tunisian products.

5- To develop an information and communication plan through the development of a national crafts register, the launch of a satellite channel dedicated to the sector or the establishment of a national museum and regional museums of crafts and the preservation of the artisanal heritage.

The desired objectives through this plan are the creation of 100 thousand jobs by 2022, increase from 10% to 25% the share of investors from graduates of higher education; the rehabilitation of 200 craft establishments and the capacity building of 3,000 craftsmen as part of the encouragement of handicrafts; Increase the value of investments in the sector from 18 million dinars to 30 million dinars; Increase the sector’s contribution to GDP to 6% and finally increase exports from 1.8% to 3%. The head of government has also decided to set up a system dedicated to artisanal villages.

The National Recovery Plan Of Craft Sector  (PNDA)

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