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catalog ” Métiers de tissage… les trésors du pays”

Tunisia is famous for its carpets mergoums, klims and other tapestries and weaves.
From all time and still today, from north to south, in cities and countryside, weaving activities abound.
Impregnated with customs and regional peculiarities, weaving meets the daily needs and sometimes combines several functions such as the Fligs,
Himls, Ghara, Ouazra, Houli, Hambel, Gifs …
The introduction of the Anatolian-inspired rug in Kairouan took place in 1830 thanks to “Kemla”, the daughter of a Turkish governor in time.
In the multitude of its varieties, this carpet was initiated in several Tunisian cities where regional artistic influences, religious beliefs, prophylactic symbols, borrowings from ceramic decorations or embroideries fashioned ephemeral or perennial styles according to the clientele and fashion effects. Parallel to the initiations of the Kairouan, the ranges of warm colors and lively multiplied to the liking of the fantasies and imagination of craftsmen. A graduation of colors mixing a play of shadow and light sliced ​​by a desert yellow where the dunes are always in motion.

Catalogue Métiers de tissage-les trésors du pays

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