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Articadeau Catalog

Offer Gifts Which Come With A Story And Their Own Cultural Value

For an end of year present or for business partners, offer a hand-made bag in a uniquely Tunisian style and so allow local craftsmen to make a special gift, something so out of the ordinary that it lends distinction to its owner.

This publication features just some products made by our various artisans for ArtiCadeau. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with the craftsmen and workshops so that you can have the broadest possible choice of gift ideas, whether for year end presents, business gifts or just gifts.

For an important sale, most of our makers are ready to adapt and customise their products to meet a buyer’s requirements. The ArtiCadeau catalogue reflects the diversity and originality of products suitable as gifts which are made in Tunisiam craft workshops.

The craftsmen are aware of changing taste and fashion and are always prepared to offer new products in response to your ideas and wishes.

Throughout this catalogue dedicated to artisan crafts, we want to promote high quality producers so that you will discover the advantage of high standard goods.
These fantastic people deserve to be known and recognised for their trade skills and commitment to their work.
Craftwork for You !

Articadeau Catalog 2015

Articadeau Catalog 2016


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