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ARTI Export Catalog

Export Craft: A product, a history, a culture that travels
Tunisian craftsmanship is well established. He is there, is confirmed, imposes himself and climbs the ladder internationally. And for good reason !

The artisan product resulting from this know-how meets the international standards of quality, taste and the principles of the fair trade, while carrying with it a beautiful story, rich and precious, that of all those patient, creative and ambitious hands who want to continue a beautiful profession or better a “sanâa”.

Women and men, young and old, are fighting to jealously guard their heritage by trying to protect a typical Tunisian stamp that is constantly evolving and acclimatizing itself to the new trends in the world and in terms of aesthetics and the level of functionality.

Whether to please a person, for a business gift or to enhance your living space, at home, at the office or other, this catalog will certainly introduce you to new products and guide you through your choices. 6 headings (interior and exterior decoration, tableware, handmade textiles, jewelery and fashion accessories, natural cosmetics, e-commerce sites) and its panoply of 100% Tunisian handicrafts.

A colorful touch …

ARTI Export Catalog

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