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The international cooperation activities conducted by the National Handicrafts Office

The National Handicrafts Office has continued for over 50 years to build and develop relationships of international cooperation.

To this end, it has signed several cooperation protocols and agreements in the field of handicrafts. The National Handicrafts Office has also organized seminars, conducted exchange and expertise and experience visits, has participated in projects and international events in the framework of cooperation with sisterly and friendly countries.

Since 2003, a dedicated section especially devoted to cooperation in the field of handicrafts was introduced in all records of works, and meetings of joint committees between the Tunisian government and the governments of sisterly and friendly countries.

Protocols and conventions of international cooperation agreements in the field of handicrafts focus on the following aspects:

  • The exchange of information, studies and of laws relating to the craft sector,
  • Strengthening technical cooperation and exchange of expertise,
  • Encouraging twinning of the National Handicrafts office and specialized structures in crafts of brotherly and friendly countries,
  • Looking for supply sources of raw materials needed to craft sector,
  • Participation in events and trade fairs in the field of handicrafts,
  • Exploring new markets to export handicrafts,
  • Skills development and improvement of production techniques
  • Control of the quality of labeling

These protocols and agreements of cooperation are implemented through periodic executive programs, which are the work of joint technical commissions.

In September 2011, National Handicrafts Office has signed the document “International Bill of crafts.”

The participation of the National Handicrafts Office in International Cooperation Projects

As part of its policy of international cooperation, the ONA has participated in several cooperation projects in their majority impregnated by the logic of co-development.
Some of these experiments include the following projects:

  • National Handicrafts Office has participated in the project “The Tela di Arachne” (2004 to 2006). This Euro-Mediterranean project aims to develop traditional fabrics in Mediterranean countries and the establishment of a network of information and communication for this artisanal specialty.
  • Under the program for the implementation of the Association Agreement between Tunisia and the European Union (P3A), National Handicrafts Office achieved in 2006 a twinning (instrument for targeted administrative cooperation) with French and Spanish structures. This pairing was intended to strengthen the institutional capacity of the NHO for the promotion of handicrafts sector.
  • As part of the Tunisian-Italian technical cooperation to strengthen the private sector, a grant to finance the project “Upgrading of small businesses” was approved in 2009.
  • The year 2012 saw the launch of the project “Journeys of knowledge” which is part of cross-border cooperation of the Italy-Tunisia program. This project aims to create tourist routes based on excellence craft.
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