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Quality has become an essential part of the life of the traditional company whose stability and sustainability are now dependent on the establishment of an effective quality system.

To achieve this goal, the company must succeed in adopting the best use of its human and material resources, satisfy the customer and keep his confidence, ensure that all stages of production or services have been carried out effectively and in accordance with the criteria and standards, offer the consumer and user guarantees, improve its competitiveness, maintain its market position…

It is in this spirit that the strategy of quality development of the craft sector gives a prominent place to:

  • Enhancement of the national heritage and craftsmanship
  • Diversification and the creation of products with high added value
  • Raising awareness about importance of quality, standardization and labeling of products
  • The establishment of adequate mechanisms to support handicraft business
  • Modernization of the legal framework and institutional capacity of the craft sector
  • Control of the quality of craft products while taking into consideration the challenges of national and international economic environment to enable handicrafts to better position itself in the national and international market
  • Protection of handicraft products through intellectual property

Recognizing the importance of the impact of crafts product certification and the need to adapt the sector to regional and global changes in standards, industrial property, the NHO is committed to an ambitious program of certification, a national quality system called ItKan system.

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