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The Tunisian handicrafts sector has a strong background showing its diversity, geographical decentralization, ability to innovate, create sustainable jobs, generate revenue and enhance the image of Tunisia at local and international level.

Today, local and international consumers are increasingly sensitive to the interior design and fashion. They see these two elements as vectors of their image and a source of well-being. They are also looking for a product that derives its true identity of secular heritage, but that adapts to market trends and consumption patterns.

It is in this context that the strategy of the National Handicrafts Office on research and innovation attaches importance to:

  • Renewal of handicrafts supply through research and innovation, and its adaptation to trends in different markets (local and international).
  • Awareness rising of artisans and craft enterprises to the integration of the design dimension in the manufacturing process of the product.
  • Safeguarding the craft professions, especially those endangered.

Benefits and services provided to professionals

  • Design and implement new ranges of craft products suited to the needs of the market and make them available to the profession.
  • Provide professional leadership and technical and artistic support for craftsmen and craft enterprises;
  • Organize professional competitions to encourage and inspire artisans, craft businesses and students to innovate and diversify the traditional product;
  • Make available to professionals, researchers and students a diverse and dedicated documentation as a basis for research, inspiration and innovation.
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