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National Handicrafts Office (ONAT)

ONA grants, under an agreement with the BTS, working capital loans the amount of which is capped at 4,000 dinars for installed artisans and 10,000 Dinars for workshops and groups of the handicraft products supply and marketing services.
Requirements to qualify for a working capital credit:

The artisan must be:

  • Registered as artisan.
  • Installed.
  • Having a Tunisian nationality.

The craft company must be:

  • Recorded in the register of small businesses
  • corporation
  • Recorded in the Commercial Register.

Repayment of credit: 4 years.
Interest rate: 5%.

Tunisian Solidarity Bank (BTS)

BTS grants (loans,) unsecured loan within the limit of 100,000 Dinars in favor of higher education graduates and craftsmen on the basis of a professional qualification.

  • Interest rate: 5%
  • Grace period depends on the nature of the project and varies between three months and one year.
  • Repayment term: 7 years
  • Flow in the order of 5% of the project cost.

Development Associations 

Promoting associations grant microloans the amount of which is capped at 5,000 dinars.
Objective of granting credit :

  • Financing of equipments, raw materials, and items needed for production.
  • Availability of working capital.
  • Max interest rate is 5%.
  • Repayment Term: 3 years with a grace period depending on the nature of the activity.

Note : It is strictly forbidden to receive two credits at a time.

 National Fund For the Promotion of Caft and Small Businesses (FONAPRAM)

In order to benefit from the FONAPRAM advantages, individuals must :

  • be artisans or craft businesses
  • hold the registration receipt.
  • obtain a certificate of deposit statement
  • (Article 2 of the Law 93-120 of 27/12/1993).

Conditions for the project :

  • a cost equal to or less than 50,000 dinars (including working capital).
  • a creation or extension project.
  • create a financing scheme with at least 40% equity

Financing scheme

Project Cost <10,000 Dinars

  • Personal contribution: 4%
  • Staffing FONAPRAM: 36%
  • Bank loans: 60%

Project cost between 10,000 and 50,000 Dinars

Investment tranche <10,000 Dinars

  • Personal contribution: 4%
  • Staffing FONAPRAM: 36%
  • Bank loans: 60%

Tranche of additional investment (beyond 10,000 D)

  • Personal contribution: 8%
  • Staffing FONAPRAM: 32%
  • Bank loans: 60%

Project cost between 50,000 and 100,000 Dinars

  • Personal contribution: 16%
  • Staffing FONAPRAM: 24%
  • Bank loans: 60%

Repayment periods and rates


  • Repayment period: 11 years
  • Grace period: 7 years
  • Interest Rate: 0%

Bank Credit

  • Repayment term: 7 years
  • Grace Period: 1 year
  • Interest rate: 10%


  • FOPRODI was created in 1974 by the Finance Act for the management of 1974.
  • FOPRODI grants up to 5 Million dinars credits.
  • FOPRODI credits are awarded to Crafts sector developers under the Industrial sector’s conditions .

FOPRODI finances investments in industry, handicrafts and small trades, and services through various banks. This funding is allocated as follows: 30% own funds and 70% bank loan. The own funds are distributed as follows :

  • 10% own Staffing
  • 60% Endowment of the Fund
  • 10% venture capital company
  • 20% other partners

The state grants are repaid within 12 years with an interest rate of 3%.

In this context, the promoter receives the following benefits:

  • Design and technical assistance bonus: 70% of the cost of the study (Capped at 20 MD).
  • Investment Bonus of 10% of the equipment cost (capped at 100 MD).
  • 50% bonus of physical investment.
  • 50% bonus of Technology Investments (Capped at 100 MD).

State support of the employer’s contribution to social security on wages paid to Tunisian employees during five years from the date of actual activity.

Legal Framework: Decree No. 2005-165 of January 26th, 2005.


Activities eligible for funding BFPME

The scope of BFPME covers all economy sectors :

  • new sectors
  • traditional sectors

However, BFPME intends to make a significant contribution to financing innovative projects’ creation and expansion (activities related to swarming and development of renewable energy pilot programs).

Intervention limits

The intervention focuses on funding:

  • Creation with total investment cost between 100,000 and 5,000,000 dinars
  • Expansion of existing SMEs, provided they are financially sound and their net capital, plus new planned investments, are between 80 000 dinars and 4,000,000 dinars.

BFPME intervenes only and exclusively in co-financing.

BFPME finances the acquisition of capital equipment, engineering and intangible investment in the creation and at the extension.

Intervention modality

  • Financing investments: achieved by granting MLT credit the maximal amount of which is 1 million dinars per project.
  • Equity financing: BFPME can contribute to strengthening the equity of financed companiesDirectly, at the BFPME mobilization of a line dedicated to the capital risk.
  • Directly, at the BFPME mobilization of a line dedicated to the capital risk.
  • Indirectly, with the benefit of developers, its relations with the various SICAR of the place.
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